2/2/2020 Spring Party


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2020 TAITA 春節派對即將在這週日登場!活動會提供晚餐和遊戲和大家一起慶祝農曆新年.  歡迎大家邀請親朋好友一起來慶祝.
再次提醒您,由於目前的肺炎和流感情況,請來參與的朋友們與TAITAㄧ起做好防疫措施勤洗手.若您出現不適症狀,或近期曾密集接觸過有症狀的人 ,請遠離人群多的地方,保護自己、照顧他人。

TAITA 團隊敬上

Dear TAITA friends,

This is a kind reminder that TAITA spring party is this coming Sunday (2/2) from 6pm to 9pm at China Stix. Due to recent concerns of flu and coronavirus, if you are feeling sick or have been in close contact with those who are sick, please exercise prudent and common sense in staying away from crowdedness. Please take care of yourself and others! Otherwise, we hope to see you in the spring party!


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