Welcome to Taita

Welcome to Taita

Welcome to Taita

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Sep/10/2022 Annual Conference:

Afternoon: New Business Opportunities in Industrial Automation After COVID

Evening Banquet Dinner    Regiter Here

1) 您想與蕭美琴大使灣區見面嗎?
2) 聽聽台大 林軒田教授 如何讓您的企業從「聽聞 AI」轉為「擁抱 AI」, 這是一個難得的機會。打通 AI 數據任督二脈: 聰明整合 AI 數據,建立 AI 數據思維…. 等等



Welcome to TAITA. We are a community of Taiwanese and Taiwanese American professionals working in Silicon Valley.

Our Mission

Silicon Valley Taiwanese American Industrial Technology Association (TAITA-SV) was founded on January 3, 2003 in Santa Clara, California, USA with a vision to promote the collaboration of United States, particularly Silicon Valley, and Taiwan in the areas of industrial, scientific and technological development and investment.

Specifically, TAITA-SV aims to:

  • Bridge technological exchange between Silicon Valley and Taiwan
  • Foster Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and U.S. businesses to explore oppo-tunities in Taiwan and vice versa
  • Facilitate industrial, scientific and technological talent exchanges between US and Taiwan
  • Help Taiwan industries broaden international markets and raise their international status

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